Attending an authentic sagra: a good enough reason to visit Italy!

Throughout spring and summer, posters adorn Italian walls with the word ‘sagra’ clearly taking prominent position in the advertising, so what does this word mean?

The literal translation is festival, but the definition of sagra is a local fair and celebration connected with food and local produce; for example, the town of Baone, in Veneto, hosts an annual Sagra dei Bisi (festival of the green pea). During the event, the streets are filled with people dressed in medieval costume and local residents prepare different dishes that must include the peas within the recipe. Among a number of traditional recipes, the most famous is definitely Risi e Bisi (a delicious risotto with peas). After all the tastings, every evening culminates in a music show with Italian live bands.


Actually, almost every town in Italy at some point during the year will host a food festival. This year for example is the 80th Fish Festival at Chioggia, Venice. The sagra lasts for ten days and attracts over 100,000 people each year; music and theatre act as a backdrop as visitors sample fish dishes, fresh from the Adriatic sea, such as stuffed clams and mussels, griddled sole, pickled cockles and mixed fried fish. Attending a sagra is the perfect way to immerse yourself in Italian life. Add to this the opportunity to sample local cuisine as you sit at long communal tables to eat with the local population and you get a real feel for how Italians come together to celebrate.

Fish Festival, Venice

Finding out about a sagra is very straightforward as most of the posters follow a similar format: the main heading will tell you where the festival is held and the date; these are mostly in bold typeface and large enough to read from a passing vehicle. Once you’ve found one that interests you, the poster will give you the start time, destination and other events that will be staged. You don’t have to be a local to attend and most towns welcome outsiders and tourists to their celebrations. The lines of parked cars stretching out of the town will indicate that you have arrived at the right place, and those who arrive early are usually the last to leave due to the sheer volume of traffic attending! In fact, some sagre (the plural of sagra) are so popular that the towns have a coach service to ferry people in and out of town to keep the streets clear for dancing.

Sagre take place throughout the year, with many taking place in the summer, so during your holiday to Italy this year, keep a keen eye on the local posters and find a local sagra, and for one evening become an honorary Italian and enjoy all the hospitality the town has to offer!


Italia Kitchen Group at Italian Cuisine World Summit 2016

The Italian Cuisine World Summit, which celebrates the 8th edition this year, the fourth in Dubai, ended last November 17th.

The event was a huge success, thanks to the enormous work done by the organizers Italian Restaurant Consulting and the Chefs came from all over Italy (and not only), who have made it possible.
The core mission of the summit was to bring the best Italian contemporary Michelin starred chefs in the best restaurants of Dubai, however the program included also Gala dinners, masterclasses, live cooking, a series of gastronomic competitions demonstrations like best pasta, best pizza and best espresso.

As well as the past years, this edition saw the participation of Italian Kitchen Group as a sponsor for the kitchen equipment.

For the Gulfood Manufacturing internal exhibition, the Speciality Food Festival, and most of the events occurred after the trade show as the gala dinner on the terrace of JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, the brunch at the Jumeirah Golf Estates and the Italian Street Food Festival at Westin Mina Seyahi Hotel, our best professional kitchen equipment have been used.


The professional Electrolux cooking range is designed with the same precision as a jewel of rare beauty. With over 40 different cooking options, Thermaline is a kitchen like no other, a tailor-made masterpiece, the perfect mix of reliable innovation, high efficiency and one-of-a-kind design.

Cooking range Therma Line at Gulfood Manufacturing


Electrolux Professional combi oven and blast-chiller range have been designed to work together for a completely integrated process, the best solution for the most demanding foodservice professionals, which involves the full cooking of food, followed by rapid blast chilling, storage at controlled temperatures and regeneration before distribution.

Air-o-steam oven and blast chiller in a customer’s kitchen


Libero Point Electrolux is a versatile compact mobile kitchen-like equipment designed to hold electric top appliances, allowing to prepare and serve fresh and nifty dishes to everyone, anywhere and in record time. The Libero Point with integrated refrigerated drawers extended the range of Libero mobile cooking units and preserves fresh foods while keeping you closer to the foods you need.

Libero Point equipment at Gulfood Manufacturing


Italforni Bull oven is made of highly resistant steel and is coated with shock and high temperature-resistant, tempered and stained glass. Aesthetically pleasing, Bull has been designed to emphasise its rigorous and clean-cut lines.
On the top a new range of hood adds character and personality to the entire unit.
Consisting of 1,2 or 3 120×100 cm chambers, BULL has uncommon technical features and adapts to any requirement. The design and prominent shape of the new extraction and motorized hood recall a bull’s head-forward stance.
The new control board consists of a series of digital controllers designed to manage both the oven and the prover through function icons and touch-sensitive buttons.
The surface of the user interface is made of a single tempered glass, with a customized display, whose design and easy of use play a primary role. The extraction motorized hood, can be matched with a steam-damper kit complete with activated carbon philtre for vapours and odours, making the connection to the flue not necessary.
Use of new single heating elements inserted into the refractory stone of the top and bottom of the chamber, strengthened on the front side of the oven (door).
A 30% energy saving thanks to the double insulation created by the glass coat and by new ecological insulating fibre both on the chamber and the door, the latter equipped with double glass.


This oven is the outcome of Marana Forni’s intensive cooperation and development programme undertaken in association with the master pizzaioli of Naples.
Impressive teamwork, in which the experience of the Neapolitan Pizzaioli and the technological skill of Marana’s craftsmen has created a unique appliance certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana for both wood- and gas-fired operation.
Vesuvian lava stone is included in the exclusive mix of materials used for the oven’s construction.

All these are just the same excellent kitchen equipment we always recommend, according to their needs, to all our valued customers.
Italia Kitchen Group offers comprehensive solutions and project management services for all industrial kitchen and laundry equipment sector in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Mauritius and Maldives.

This video contains the best moments of the Italian Cuisine World Summit 2016 with Italia Kitchen Group:



by Martina Bettella