A video to remember the best moments

The Big Opening Day of the new Italia Kitchen office in Dubai was held on September 18th 2016. It was a day full of satisfaction for the Italia Kitchen team, thanks to the many guests who attended the event and to the collaboration of Italian Restaurant Consulting, Electrolux and the Chefs of the best Italian Restaurant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Who can resist “Maccarone”?!

“Un americano a Roma”is a 1954 Italian comedy film directed by director Steno. The film consists in a satire of americanization and it was referred as “a milestone in the evolution of Italian self-identification”.

Alberto Sordi (1920-2003), the main actor, established himself as an icon of Italian cinema with his representative skills at both comedy and light drama. His movie career began in the late 1930s with bit parts and secondary characters in war time movies. After the war, he began working as a dubber for the Italian versions of Laurel and Hardy shorts, voicing Oliver Hardy.


Nando Moriconi is a young Italian living in the early ’50s in Roma. He is completely crazy for everything that comes from the States. He tries to speak American-English (the most funny ever), to wear like “he thinks” Americans do, to walk like John Wayne(!!), trying to eat cornflakes with ketchup… His life is a complete parody of the real American way of life, which he couldn’t ever get. Nando’s, not so secret, dream is to go to the USA. To get it he goes to the Coliseum and threats to suicide if American Embassy don’t give him the visa. But at this point Nando is very well known as a ‘crazy-for-USA’ boy and the troubles he provoked in the past, couldn’t help him.

The piece shown by the video is from the super famous scene in which Nando finally prefer his Italian “Maccarone” to American food.

“Maccarone”,you provoked me and I’ll destroy you now, MACCARONE!


Martina Bettella